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The Gregory “Segal” Ebbert Memorial Scholarship

Two scholarships (one to a male and one to a female) will be awarded on an annual basis to a senior who is actively attending Lehighton Area High School and is going to further their education.


  • Must be accepted to a 4 year college/university or a 2 year collage or trade school.
  • Attain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in while attending Lehighton Area High School.
  • Be of good character, a positive role model for young students.
  • A participant in the Lehighton Area High School athletic program.
  • Be a student who exemplifies school spirit and pride.
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach or advisor which states the character and strong qualities of the student.
  • Related parties are not eligible to receive scholarships. 

Completed applications must be submitted to the Lehighton Area high School Guidance Office. 

Application Guidelines 

The school application and deadlines will be used to manage student submissions. 

The officers and trustees along with one school representative will review the applications and select six applicants (three male students and three female students) and they will be given to the family for final selection. 

The winners will receive a letter of congratulations which states the amount of the scholarship and the date of payment of the award. Along with this letter will be a reflection message about Gregory “Segal” Ebbert representing who he was and what he believed in our Lehighton Community. These documents will be presented to the student at the awards ceremony at the school in the spring. The officers and the Board of Trustees will be responsible for the commemorative piece and will have it approved by the family.

 Scholarship payment will be made by Check to the student and will be disbursed on August 1st. of that year. 


The Gregory “Segal” Ebbert Memorial Scholarship selection committee:


George Ebbert – Foundation President – brother to deceased, Lehighton Area high school social studies teacher, head football coach for the Lehighton Indians

Melissa Wagner (Ebbert) – Foundation Vice President/Treasurer – widow, Lehighton Area school District administrative secretary

Barry Haupt – Foundation Secretary – friend of deceased, retired Lehighton Area Middle School teacher

Stephen Ebbert – brother to deceased, Lehighton Area Middle School social studies teacher, volunteer fireman

Michelle Stoudt – sister to deceased, retired Stroudsburg Music teacher

William Stoudt – brother-in-law, retired Stroudsburg School District administrator, Lehighton Indians football coach

Byron Long – friend of deceased, Regional Manager, MMG Insurance Company

James Zurn – friend of deceased, CEO of Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad Company

Jeffrey Longacre – friend of deceased, high school guidance counselor