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Horseshoe Tournament 2016 » CompanyName.com

Horseshoe Tournament 2016


Join us at:


When: Saturday, May 28th

Time: sign in 8:30 am, first shoe 9:00am

Donation: $30.00

Where: The Orioles Fraternal Order Nest No. 183.

            475 Orioles Drive

            Lehighton, PA 18235


 Click for Application and Information

          Once again we will be using a lottery to draft partners and to determine divisions. The number of divisions will be determined by the total number of participants. The top teams in each division (and a wild card if necessary) will advance to the playoffs. The lottery and divisional draft will be held at Lehigh Fire Co. #1 on Wednesday evening, May 20th, beginning at 7 o’clock. Attendance is optional for the draft.


          If interested in attending this year’s event, please download an application form and return it with your entrance fee no later than Saturday, April 25th. If there are any questions, feel free to call the following: 

Rodney Rehnert – 610-554-1252 
Brad Haupt – 570-657-0861
Cory Hartsell - 610-577-6338
Billy Horn - 610-377-5489

Please Make Checks Payable to:

The Gregory “Segal” Ebbert Foundation, Inc.

 Return entrance fee and application to:

Missy Wagner

58 Penn's Mountain Road

Lehighton, PA 18235



Disclaimer: The Ebbert Family, tournament committee, and/or the Gregory “Segal” Ebbert Foundation is not responsible for any accident or injury the participant may receive as a result of playing in the Horseshoe Tournament. Designated drivers are available on request. The Ebbert Family would like to remind everyone not to drink and drive.